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A full functional bot that can act like the normal phone app
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This bot is NOT active at the moment!
Reason is: Bossland has not cracked the current API! (yet?)
At this point NO bots work (don't fall for people selling you bots!)
If the new API ever gets cracked we will think about reviving or re-inventing this project
Stay safe. Greetings!


If you want to donate for the Team, you can do it with Paypal or Paysafecard.
Paypal Email: Removed due to inactive bot.
We appreciate every donation, and we will split it with the whole team!
Paysafecard donations should be sent via private message to "Logxn" in our Discord.


  • Auto Farming Pokestops/Pokemon.
  • Transfer/Evolve Pokemons.
  • Simple Gui
  • Incubate Eggs
  • Pokemon Gui with stats of the Pokemon.
  • Livemap with Pokestop information on it.
  • Navigation Logic
  • Random Throws (Curved, nice..)
  • Real Animation waiting time
  • Open Source
  • Security
  • Google Routing
  • PowerUp/Evolve Pokemons in the Gui
  • Manage Items to hold
  • Archimedean spiral
  • and much more!

Hashing Service (3rd Party)

In order to pay with Paypal, Creditcard and SEPA use these links:
Ar1i's Pokebot 150 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 3,95€)
Ar1i's Pokebot 500 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 13,95€)
Ar1i's Pokebot 1.000 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 29.95€)

You are from Russia, China or Southamerika and have your own Payment Methods? No worries!
Ar1i's Pokebot 150 RPM ( Costs: 3,95€ )
Ar1i's Pokebot 500 RPM ( Costs: 13,95€ )
Ar1i's Pokebot 1.000 RPM ( Costs 29,95€ )

What we from the Developer team get back.
Per 150 RPM Key we get: 1,18500 €
Per 500 RPM Key we get: 4,18500 €
Per 1.000 RPM Key we get: 8,98500 €

FeroxRev -
AeonLucid -
Ar1i - For bringing this project alive!
Logxn - Continuing this project and keeping it alive!
MTK4355 - Doing a really really good job!
Xelwon - Also a big part of the team!
Quarthy - For doing some great developer work

Discord Link :

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