A simple minesweeper clone to test employee candidates.
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A simple Minesweeper clone to test employee candidates. This project is not finished, and it is indented to be so.

Tools in use


Fork this repository and implement a working Minesweeper game. The ground work and the basics are done, but the gameplay needs work.

Feel free to implement / work on any part of the project and try to make it a working Minesweeper game.

Here are a few ideas what to implement:

  • The "make move" controller action needs to be implemented.
  • If clicked on a mine, it should explode.
  • If clicked on an empty cell, reveal it either as empty or as a number.
  • The mines are currently shown, hide them.
  • We need numbers to describe the number of mines around certain cells.
  • Controllable mine density (currently it's 50% mines).
  • Clicking on an empty cell should reveal neighbor empty cells (expanding reveal).

Getting started

Note: Whenever you want to run a command, either use sf (Windows) or ./sf.sh (Unix) depending on your operating system.

  1. Install Git version control.
  2. Fork this repository using the Fork-button on the top of the page.
  3. Clone (git@github.com:YOUR_ACCOUNT/Minesweeper.git) your own fork to your local computer.
  4. Install/setup Composer package management (i.e. download the Composer.phar file to the project root folder).
  5. Run php composer.phar install to install dependencies.
  6. Run sf assets:install --symlink web.
  7. Lastly, run sf assetic:dump.

That's it, try to access the game at http://localhost/minesweeper/web/app_dev.php (or app.php for production mode).

Development guide

Refer to the Symfony 2 official homepage for great documentation.

Dump assets

If you make changes to asset files (.css, .js), make sure to run sf assetic:dump. Alternatively, you can keep a watcher running with sf assetic:dump --watch.

Clearing the cache

To clear the cache (sometimes needed depending on the situation), run sf cache:clear --no-warmup. Usually you don't want to warm up the cache.