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Lokad.Cloud AppHost Extensions

Extensions that can be used as starting point to connect your application to Lokad.Cloud.AppHost.

File Deployments

Provides a simple deployment reader for deployments stored in the local file system.

Be aware that once loaded, a deployment should never change (deletion is ok) without changing its name. Hence consider appending an incrementing number to the deployment folder (e.g. "myDeployment-1") and increase that number whenever any file inside of that folder is changed. This is a tradeoff to allow this deployment extension to remain very simple.

File Structure:

  • currentdeployment.txt
    Simple text file containing only one line with the name of the folder of the current deployment, e.g. "deploymentName-v3"

  • deploymentName-v3/
    Directory containing the deployment named "deploymentName-v3".

  • deploymentName-v3/MyCell/
    Directory of the cell named "MyCell" of the deployment "deploymentName-v3". This directory directly contains all the assemblies and symbols (.dll, .pdb), a text file "entrypoint.txt" and optionally a settings file "settings.xml".

  • deploymentName-v3/MyCell/entrypoint.txt
    Simple text file containing only one line with the fully qualified name of the entry point of that cell. The entry point is a class implementing the IApplicationEntryPoint interface and should be in one of the assemblies in the same folder. A fully qualified name is of the format "Namespace.TypeName, AssemblyName" (without the .dll extension).

  • deploymentName-v3/MyCell/settings.xml
    Optional. This is an xml file containing arbitrary settings and is automatically passed to your entry point.

  • deploymentName-v2/AnotherCell/
    Directory of another cell of this deployment, named "AnotherCell".

  • otherDeploymentName/:
    Directory of another deployment, named "otherDeploymentName"

Simple File Deployment

Even simpler version of file deployments:

  • Only one deployment (can therefore only load "current" deployment, no rollback; change detection using FileSystemWatcher)
  • Only one cell
  • No configuration at all, EntryPoint is discovered automatically using Cecil


  • Apps: Sample applications that provide an entry point and can be loaded in cells
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