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The Lokad forecasting capabilities are now offered through Salescast

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WARING: The Forecasting API of Lokad is being phased out December 31st, 2013. As a replacement, we encourage the community to transfer data through FTP following the format guidelines

The Forecasting Client is a stand-alone .NET wrapper library around the REST Forecasting API v3.

Sample usage (C#)

// Initialization with the API key of Lokad
var client = new ForecastingClient(myApiKey);

// Create a new dataset (no effect if it exists already)
var container = new Dataset { Name = "mydata", Period = "week", Horizon = 4 };

// Update or Insert time-series
var series = new TimeSerie[] { /* snipped */ };
client.UpsertTimeSeries("mydata", series, false); // merge=false

// Wait until forecasts are ready, and then download forecasts
var forecasts = client.GetForecasts("mydata", series);


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