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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
from powerline.bindings.vim import vim_get_func
from powerline.renderer import Renderer
import vim
vim_mode = vim_get_func('mode')
vim_winwidth = vim_get_func('winwidth', rettype=int)
vim_getwinvar = vim_get_func('getwinvar')
vim_setwinvar = vim_get_func('setwinvar')
class VimRenderer(Renderer):
'''Powerline vim segment renderer.'''
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(VimRenderer, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.hl_groups = {}
self.window_cache = {}
def render(self, winnr, current):
'''Render all segments.
This method handles replacing of the percent placeholder for vim
statuslines, and it caches segment contents which are retrieved and
used in non-current windows.
window_id = vim_getwinvar(winnr, 'window_id')
winwidth = vim_winwidth(winnr)
if current:
mode = vim_mode()
theme = self.get_theme()
segments = [segment for segment in theme.get_segments()]
self.window_cache[window_id] = (theme, segments)
mode = 'nc'
theme, segments = self.window_cache.get(window_id, (None, []))
for segment in segments:
segment['_space_left'] = 0
segment['_space_right'] = 0
statusline = super(VimRenderer, self).render(mode, winwidth, theme, segments)
return statusline
def reset_highlight(self):
def escape(string):
return string.replace('%', '%%')
def hlstyle(self, fg=None, bg=None, attr=None):
'''Highlight a segment.
If an argument is None, the argument is ignored. If an argument is
False, the argument is reset to the terminal defaults. If an argument
is a valid color or attribute, it's added to the vim highlight group.
# We don't need to explicitly reset attributes in vim, so skip those calls
if not attr and not bg and not fg:
return ''
if not (fg, bg, attr) in self.hl_groups:
hl_group = {
'ctermfg': 'NONE',
'guifg': 'NONE',
'ctermbg': 'NONE',
'guibg': 'NONE',
'attr': ['NONE'],
'name': '',
if fg is not None and fg is not False:
hl_group['ctermfg'] = fg[0]
hl_group['guifg'] = fg[1]
if bg is not None and bg is not False:
hl_group['ctermbg'] = bg[0]
hl_group['guibg'] = bg[1]
if attr:
hl_group['attr'] = []
if attr & self.ATTR_BOLD:
if attr & self.ATTR_ITALIC:
if attr & self.ATTR_UNDERLINE:
hl_group['name'] = 'Pl_' + \
str(hl_group['ctermfg']) + '_' + \
str(hl_group['guifg']) + '_' + \
str(hl_group['ctermbg']) + '_' + \
str(hl_group['guibg']) + '_' + \
self.hl_groups[(fg, bg, attr)] = hl_group
vim.command('hi {group} ctermfg={ctermfg} guifg={guifg} guibg={guibg} ctermbg={ctermbg} cterm={attr} gui={attr}'.format(
guifg='#{0:06x}'.format(hl_group['guifg']) if hl_group['guifg'] != 'NONE' else 'NONE',
guibg='#{0:06x}'.format(hl_group['guibg']) if hl_group['guibg'] != 'NONE' else 'NONE',
return '%#' + self.hl_groups[(fg, bg, attr)]['name'] + '#'
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