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I've created a Solarized colorscheme for the default Powerline theme using only the 16 colors defined for the Solarized palette.

Hopefully this will be of use to other people who like using Solarized wherever possible. All of the addons that are covered by the default colorscheme are covered by this as well (CtrlP, Gundo, Tagbar, NERDTree, Syntastic, etc.)


Patrick Lewis added some commits Jun 26, 2012

Seems really nice, but I don't fully understand why do pull requests on colorschemes when they can be added as needed separately... It's true that their size is basically a few Kb, but why every person should have this in their setup when they're not using it? I also made my own version (light and dark based on skwp's) of the solarized colorscheme adjusted for my taste and I keep them in a separate repository and no matter occured... that's only my 2 cent and again good job...


@vheon I believe for the same reason why there is code supporting different plugins: if you can convince other plugin authors to add powerline support to their plugins it is good, but if you can’t this is much better then having to double number of repositories to checkout (I mean, plugin own repository and repository with powerline support for it). Colorschemes in this case are in better position: while in order to add support for powerline to foreign plugins changes to colorscheme and default theme are needed (unless author accepts something like what I suggested in issue #155), adding powerline support to colorscheme is just placing one file in a proper location.


Would be great to have a light version for people who use solarized dark, too

@jamesnvc jamesnvc pushed a commit to jamesnvc/vim-powerline that referenced this pull request Feb 6, 2013
@Lokaltog Add cmus player to now_playing segment
Closes #162.
@obxhdx obxhdx added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 18, 2013
@Lokaltog Add cmus player to now_playing segment
Closes #162.
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