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The virtual machine (hashicorp/precise32) will have the following (relevant) packages installed:

From start:

  • node.js (Latest stable)
  • npm
  • git
  • browserify (watchify)
  • http-server
  • nodemon


Make sure you have the following installed on your system:

Now, do:

  1. Pull (git pull into your existing examination-2 repo. Make sure you are in the root of your repo.

  2. Start the virtual machine using vagrant up (May take 5-10 minutes this first time. (Ignore red command line statements and warnings.)

  3. vagrant ssh to connect to the machine.

In the vagrant terminal (after vagrant ssh)

  1. Make sure you are located in the folder /vagrant/QuizMaster/ at all times.
  2. Do npm run debug. The following will happen:
  • A process will start watching files in the folder source/ for changes. When a change is detected the file will be copied to the debug-folder as follows:
    • source/image/ -> debug/image .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .svg are copied
    • source/js/app.js -> debug/javascript/build.js app.js and it dependencies are browserified to build.js
    • source/*.html -> debug/*.html .html-files are copied
    • source/css/*.css -> debug/*.css .css-files are copied
  • A webserver is started and if you browse to http://localhost:4000 you will see the html-page debug/index.html.

In the Git-bash or terminal on your local computer

You should have multiple terminals open at the same time. One running the npm run debug in the vagrant-terminal, and one terminal not ssh:ed to vagrant. In the terminal on your local machine you could to tasks like committing and pushing to GitHub.

Local IDE

  1. Start up your IDE (WebStorm) and open a new project pointing to the folder "examination"
  2. Start editing your site in the source-folder. (NEVER EDIT FILES IN THE DEBUG FOLDER.) When you save a change look at the "vagrant terminal". You should see that the files are rebuilt.
  3. Refresh the webpage localhost:4000 and this should reflect your changes.
  4. When you debug your application you should to this in the browser, not in the IDE. A simple method is to write debugger; in your js-source code where you want to stop the debugger and refresh the browser.


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