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(ns hooks-demo.hooks
(:require ["react" :as react]
(def <-state react/useState)
(def <-effect react/useEffect)
;; Example of a custom hook to watch atoms
(defn <-deref
;; if no deps are passed in, we assume we only want to run
;; subscrib/unsubscribe on mount/unmount
([a] (<-deref a []))
([a deps]
;; create a react/useState hook to track and trigger renders
(let [[v u] (<-state @a)]
;; react/useEffect hook to create and track the subscription to the iref
(fn []
(println "adding watch")
(add-watch a :use-atom
;; update the react state on each change
(fn [_ _ _ v'] (u v')))
;; return a function to tell react hook how to unsubscribe
(println "removing watch")
(remove-watch a :use-atom)))
;; pass in deps vector as an array
(clj->js deps))
;; return value of useState on each run
;; Example of using re-frame subscriptions
(defn <-sub
(<-sub query []))
([query deps]
(let [r (react/useMemo
#(re-frame.core/subscribe query)
(clj->js deps))
[v u] (react/useState @r)]
(fn []
(let [t (reagent.core/track! #(u @r))]
#(reagent.core/dispose! t)))
(clj->js deps))
;; credit Roman Liutikov (@roman01la)
(deftype AtomifiedReactRef [react-ref]
(-deref [_]
(first react-ref))
(-reset! [_ v']
((second react-ref) v')
(-swap! [o f]
(-reset! o (f (-deref o)))))
(defn <- [f & args]
(AtomifiedReactRef. (apply f args)))
(defn <-!state [initial]
(<- react/useState initial))
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