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Generic build a test harness using make.
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Generic build files.

    These build files allow the following easy targets:

        <none>      =>  debug
        debug       =>  Builds debug version of target(s)
        release     =>  Builds release version of target(s)
        install     =>  1) Builds test
                        2) Builds debug
                        3) Builds release
                        4)  copies headers to ${PREFIX_INC}
                            copies lib     to ${PREFIX_LIB}
                            copies bin     to ${PREFIX_BIN}

                        Note: if any numbered stage fails the processes stops

        test        =>  1) Builds code coverage vesion of target(s)
                        2) Builds Unit-Tests
                        3) Runs   Unit-Tests
                        4) Generate code-coverage information

                        Note: if any numbered stage fails the processes stops
                              If average code coverage does not exceed 80% it is a failure.

    Detailed code coverage information for a particular file can be retrieved via:

        make PREFIX=/home/Loki/Clean/Cloud/build TARGET_MODE=coverage report_coverage COVERAGE=<fileName>

        Note: this information is printed when you run make test

        git clone build
        cd third

        the "./setup":
            1) creates bin lib include include3rd
            2) installs wget
            3) uses wget to get gtest  (google's test framework)
            4) install(s) gtest

    Simplified Makefile
        Each project directory you will need a makefile that looks like this:

            # The directory where you installed build (see the git clone above)
            PROJECT_ROOT         = $(realpath ../../)

            # The targets you want to build
            # There are three types of target static-lib/shared-lib/application
            # A TARGET may specify more than one thing to build (but only one lib per directory)
            # See features for details.
            TARGET               ?= MyLibName.slib

            include $(CLOUD_ROOT)/build/tools/Makefile

        1: Integration with autotools
        Automatically includes $(PROJECT_ROOT)/Makefile.cfg (if it exists)
        Thus making it easy to use with Makefile generators like autotools (Autoconf, Automake and Libtool)

        2: Target Specific Extensions
        Target are automatically suffixed to make them unique. Thus all versions can be installed simultaneously.
        03          => C++ 03 release binary
        03D         => C++ 03 debug binary
        11          => C++ 11 release binary
        11D         => C++ 11 debug binary
        (Support for specifically single threaded code is planned with the `S` suffix)

        When specifying libraries to link against:
            LDLIBS      specifies generic system libraries.
            LINK_LIBS   specifies Thor libraries.
                        The makefile will automatically suffix these library names with the correct
                        suffix to match the current build so that they link correctly.

        3: Platform  Specific Extensions
        The library will use the platform specific extension required for shared libraries.

        4: Neat Easy to read output
        When compiling and no error are encountered then only the compiler file-name are printed
            -- I hate having all the compiler arguments taking up screen real-estate when not required.
        When an error is encountered for command line parameters are displayed.
        Also on colour terminals (the output is colour coded to make reading easy)
        Example:    Working:

            $ make
            Building debug
            g++ -c CloudStream.cpp                                               OK
            g++ -c ConfigFileLoader.cpp                                          OK
            g++ -c Logger.cpp                                                    OK
            g++ -shared -o debug/                                 OK
            Done Building debug/

        Example Failure:

            $ make
            Building debug
            g++ -c CloudStream.cpp                                               OK
            g++ -c ConfigFileLoader.cpp                                          ERROR
            g++ -c ConfigFileLoader.cpp -o debug/ConfigFileLoader.o -std=c++0x -Wno-deprecated-declarations -fPIC -Wall -Wextra -Wstrict-aliasing -ansi -pedantic -Werror -Wunreachable-code -Wno-long-long -I/home/Loki/Clean/Cloud/build/include -isystem /home/Loki/Clean/Cloud/build/include3rd -g -std=c++0x
            ConfigFileLoader.cpp: In member function ‘void Moz::Cloud::CloudUtil::ConfigFileLoader::convertCommandLineToJsonMap(const std::vector<std::basic_string<char> >&)’:
            ConfigFileLoader.cpp:175:13: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘}’ token
            make: *** [debug/ConfigFileLoader.o] Error 1

        3:Unit-Test and code coverage

        No extra work is required.
        Just create a directory called test (in the same directory as your code) and add unit test files in this directory.
        Currently only google's unit test framework is supported.


        To build a static-library specify the *.a extension
        To build a shared-library specify the *.slib extension
        To build an application specify the *.app extension.

        Note: For applications the .app is not placed on the final executable.

        For libraries       All *.c *.cpp *.lex *.yacc files are compiled into the libraies.
                            Except any files that have the same name as an application target in the same directory.

        For Applications    If the application is the only target then all files (just like a library are used).
                            If the application is NOT the only target then only the source file with the same name as the application is used.

        FLAGS automatically used:

            CXXSTDVER           03/11   Default     03      Builds C++ 03 version of the executable.
            VERBOSE				Off/On  Default     Off     Dumps extra debug information about the make processes.

            LINK_LIBS                                       Like LDLIBS (bug suffix automatically applied)

        Flags used as normal by Make (Should probably use += with these)


        Target Specific FLAGS (libs applied only to target)

        All these features are used in several libraries.
        A publicly available one that I have also built is ThorsSerializer (please check it out for example usages)


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