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#include "ParserInterface.h"
#include "LexerJson.h"
namespace ThorsAnvil
namespace Json
class LexerJson;
class ParserRecursive
LexerJson& lexer;
ParserInterface& pi;
int JsonValueParse(int val, SMART_OWNED_PTR<JsonValue>& value);
int JsonMapValueListParse(int val, SMART_OWNED_PTR<JsonMap>& ma);
int JsonArrayValueListParse(int val, SMART_OWNED_PTR<JsonArray>& array);
int JsonMapParse(int val, SMART_OWNED_PTR<JsonMap>& map);
int JsonArrayParse(int val, SMART_OWNED_PTR<JsonArray>& array);
int parseJosnObject(int val);
int yylex() { return lexer.yylex(pi);}
int error(int val, std::string const& msg);
ParserRecursive(LexerJson& l, ParserInterface& p)
: lexer(l)
, pi(p)
int parse();
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