WaveScribe is command-line utility which encodes a 32-bit ASCII string into a 512x512 PNG
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WaveScribe : Wavelet-based Blind Message Encoder

WaveScribe is command-line utility which encodes a 32-bit string into a 512x512 PNG

For the wavelet-based data encoding scheme uses the method described in the follow paper:

[A New Robust Blind Watermarking Method Based on Neural Networks in Wavelet Transform Domain] 1

How To Build

The project uses the build configuration tool [Premake] 4.


WaveScribe strength input.png [output.png "message"]

The message is encoded into input.png and the result is saved to output.png. If no output image is provided, the application attempts to decode a message from input.png. The strength value indicates how strongly the data will be encoded into the image. It is required for encoding and decoding the image.


  • Input image undergoes a 3 level 2D wavelet transform
  • The input message is encoded using into a Reed-Solomon error correcting block
  • The binary block is arranged into a 2D grid using a zig-zap pattern similar to a QR code
  • LH3 and HL3 of the transformed image are manipulated to encode the 2D binary pattern
  • The wavelet transform is reversed and the image is saved to output


  • Can only handle image of size 512x512.
  • Encoding does not seem to survive JPEG compression.


  • dwt97.c (included) Can be found in [Axonlib] 2 source
  • stb_image.c : single-header image reader [STB] 3
  • stb_image_write.c : single-header image writer [STB] 3 :
  • Schifra Version 0.0.1 : Reed-Solomon error correcting code library


  • hidden.go : Go-lang script that hides a second image in the lower bits of another

usage: hidden.go bits(0-7) input.png [imageToHide.png] output.png

  • hidden.cpp : C++ source that hides a second image in the lower bits of another

usage: hidden.exe bits(0-7) input.png [imageToHide.png] output.png

  • convertImage.go : Go-lang script that converts from PNG to JPEG

usage: convertImage.go [.png|.jpg] [.png|.jpg] [quality]