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@Lolliedieb Lolliedieb released this Aug 23, 2019

lolMiner 0.8.8

Changes from 0.8.7

  • Removed BEAM-I (Beam Hash I), since the fork had happened, BEAM-II and BEAM now both point to the new PoW
  • Improved driver detection mechanisms and kernel selection
    -> On AMDs: The invalid work group size bug should be gone for Beam*
    -> On Nvidias: Performance of Beam Hash II should be improved (since it now uses the right kernels)
  • Added new simple .bat (Windows) and .sh (Linux) files for one liner configuration.
  • Beta: Equihash 96/5 (--coin MNX) should now allow to change the personalization string (--overwritepersonal=newPers)

(*) Note: If you see now BeamHash II running in a compatibility kernel on Polaris or Vega cards please report me your driver version (it was tested with 19.20 drivers) - older drivers may in future be unsupported for newer kernels.

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