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3060 Booster

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After some time, investigation, it has been found a small door open to let to get better performance on the 3060 in Linux, it can go with or without riser and with or without any HDMI Dummy/Monitor. This 3060 Booster is nearly an increase of 50% to the actual know mining for the 3060. The investigation will continue to try to get the maximum possible performance for the miners. That 3060 Booster needs only some special drivers: Nvidia 460.39, it will also work with 460.32 and 455.45.01 . 3060 Booster is trying to get always best performance... do not worry if you see a go momentary go down hashrate, lolMiner will autorecovery to get max performance again. Normally it takes around 5 minutes to get the stable Mhs. It is really important to don’t change OC during mining, each time you change the OC, please you should restart the miner.

9 x 3060 Working with 3060 Booster:


MMPOS (460.39):

Write in the console:

mmp nvidia-install

And then select 460.39

RAVEOS (460.32):

You only need to open the console and do:

upgrade -b 8593-1863


HiveOS (460.39):

You can go to run command and just enter:

nvidia-driver-update 460.39


SMOS (460.39):

Go to “>_ Advanced Options …” in the rig and later select the special distribution with the 460.39 driver.



minerstat(460.39): It can be done in the shell by nvidia-update or with front end nvidia-update --install 460.39

Minerstats Minerstats

Linux (460.39):