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Dual Mining from 1.32

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Using the dual mode from 1.32

Mine ZIL&ETH or ZIL&ETC on different pools

Usually when mining ZIL you need to mine ETH on the same pool or you need to rely on a pool proxy forwarding mechanism implemented by the pool. The first case restricts restricts your mining to a single pool while the latter might have the disadvantage of a worse ETH mining latency or pool forwarding instabilities. From lolMiner 1.32 has been improved the bypass the situation by adding a second stratum connection that will pick up your ETH (or ETC) shares and bring them directly to the pool you like, while the ZIL shares will be send during the ZIL shard epochs to the ZIL pool.

To configure this follow the following steps

  • a) Configure your ETH or ETC as normal. In case you want to use ETC+ZIL select ETCHASH as algorithm parameter.
  • b) Add the parameter --dualmode zil --dualpool pool_of_zil --dualuser data_for_the_zil_pool --dualpass password_for_the_zil_pool to your command line arguments or your extra user parameters. Replace here the elements in pool_of_zil, data_for_the_zil_pool and password_for_the_zil_pool with your desired ZIL mining credentials.

Now the miner will create both connections on startup, but will mine the ETH (or ETC) shares on the primary connection, and wil mine ZIL in the extra connnection.

Note that to enabling the ZIL cache mode on your 6Gb & 8Gb cards you need to add the parameter --enablezilcache

Examples for each pool:

  • lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.workerName --enablezilcache --dualmode zil --dualpool --dualuser 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.workerName --dualpass

  • lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.workerName --enablezilcache --dualmode zil --dualpool --dualuser 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f --dualpass

  • lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.workerName --enablezilcache --dualmode zil --dualpool --dualuser KrSv2Z38HuG4fkJBiP4QgYE6osoFfUECmD7

  • lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f --enablezilcache --dualmode zil --dualpool --dualuser 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f.zil1qxl9lwat8rvf3lkn4fluexzh9pwemn0x94nn5a

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