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A dead simple build system for Vala, written in Vala.
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Beaver is a build system for Vala, written in Vala. It's goal is to be dead simple and quick to setup.


Because I wanted to learn how to use Vala and the build systems available were either ones I didn't like or weren't maintained anymore. Also because I'm mad.

Build it from source

To build Beaver, you'll need to install the following dependencies.

  • glib-2.0
  • json-glib-1.0
  • valac

Then, you can either build using beaver:

beaver build

or use Valac:

valac -o beaver --pkg json-glib-1.0 --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg posix src/main/vala/Beaver.vala src/main/vala/lib/*.vala src/main/vala/lib/cmd/*.vala src/main/vala/lib/cmd/arguments/*.vala src/main/vala/logging/*.vala src/main/vala/project/*.vala src/main/vala/parse/*.vala

Why is it called Beaver?

Because beavers build dams, which look messy from the outside. This builds vala projects, and looks messy throughout!

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