Adds some diving gear for a better aquatic play in Minecraft
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Diving Gear

Adds some diving gear for a better aquatic play in Minecraft. Now with Thaumcraft support!

LATEST OFFICIAL VERSION: 1.3.8 for Minecraft 1.5.x

Minecraft Forums thread


  • Requires at least Minecraft 1.5.1.
  • Requires at least Minecraft Forge (src for Devs, Universal for users) here.
    • Developers ONLY: Requires MCP.
  • Licensed under the LGPL 3.0.
  • I don't plan on adding fish due to the number of mods that already do this.

Planned features

  • Different types of coral to spawn underwater
  • Buildcraft compatibility(will add a machine that will pump air to the player, but player must stay close to it. Relatively stable air source)
  • Full diving suits with Aqua Affinity built in
  • Replaceable air tanks for Scuba gear
  • Coral based tools