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💡remote control the led with nodemcu by mqtt protocol on esp8266. (使用nodemcu控制led灯的项目,带自动重连)
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remote control the led with nodemcu by mqtt protocol on esp8266 ( 中文文档 )


use the mqtt protocol,support reconnection of wifi and mqtt client,control the light with pwm

supported chip

esp8266 esp8285


there is an available firmware in the firmware folder with dht, file, gpio, http, mqtt, net, node, pwm, sjson, tmr, uart, wifi modules


  1. set the arg in config.lua
wifiLedPin --output pin
config.wifi.ssid --ssid of wifi
config.wifi.pwd --passwore of wifi
config.mqtt.* --some config related to mqtt, a mqtt broker is needed
  1. flash all the flie of the src folder into you chip then youcan control you led with mqtt

the following command can switch the light to 10, max is 100

mosquitto_pub -h -t /dorm/wifiLed -m "10"


support homekit

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