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Very simple logic parser, used to find or test solutions for logical expressions.

Basic usage

It's most common usage is to find all the solutions to a given expression, which can be achieved with the -s modifier. Solutions can be tested manually with the -t modifier.

For example, if one wanted the following expression:

A ↔ (B → ¬A)

Can be solved by issuing any of the following:

python3 main.py -s "A <-> [B -> ¬A]"
python3 main.py -s "A ↔ B → ¬A"
python3 main.py -s "A ↔ {B -> !A)"

With the following output:

Found a single solution:
* A: 1
* B: 0

Note how one doesn't need to use (), any parenthesis can be used and even combined ((p -> q] would be valid). One can also mix symbols like <-> and without trouble.

For more help, check out python3 main.py --help or the source code itself.