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Deprecation Notice

This application is no longer maintained. Please read the full deprecation notice before using the application.

Help translating FOSS applications.

Translate - with Stringlate

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This application was born to help the FOSS community translate their Android applications in an easy way. Perhaps your family doesn't know enough English and you might want to translate a FOSS application for them, then this is application is the right way to go.

Its purpose is fetching a Git repository containing the source code for an Android application, and once the string resources (strings.xml files) in it are downloaded, you'll be able to translate it whenever you want.

Some applications have a large amount of strings waiting to be translated. This is the reason why it's not a desktop application, so it could be done anywhere (no internet connection is required once the strings are downloaded). Once you're done,you can export the translations to the SD card, share it to any service, send it via email, create a GitHub Gist or simply copy its contents to the clipboard.

Of course, once you have completed the translation, drop the author a Pull-Request and let them know you've translated their application. They'll be really happy!


Still have questions on how to use the application? You can check out the online help by going to the help index.


  • Internet. Required to be able to fetch a remote GitHub repository in order to download its contents. Also used to post a GitHub Gist and to load the Discover activity.
  • Access network state. Required to warn the user that they're not connected to the internet (and to prevent the application from crashing).


This application has not yet been tested on pre-Lollipop devices and it might fail on some operations, such as exporting a file to the SD card. If this is the case, please let me know, or create a new pull request with a fix.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 4

(Thanks to Clean Status Bar for the tidy screenshots)


Remember that not only you can donate money, but also appreciation. Both are very welcome!


The project is licensed under the MIT License.