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title: About Us
description: About London CSS!
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## Our goals
London CSS is an event for anyone with an interest in CSS. We aim to support the community in London from professional developers to curious and/or creative minds. Our goal is to provide an evening of interesting talks while having some food and meeting other CSS enthusiasts.
This is a safe and friendly environment: all organisers, sponsors and attendees are required to follow our [code of conduct](/code-of-conduct).
## Speaking
We welcome and encourage _everyone_ to submit a talk, whether you are an experienced or first time speaker. We want to hear about what thrills you! For more information please contact us through <> or by tweeting to [@LondonCSS](
## Team
London CSS has been curated by [Ana Rodrigues]( and [Oliver Turner]( since late 2018.
As the current organisers we'd like to recognise the contributions of those who went before us: this meet-up has a long history! Many thanks and much respect to [Stuart Robson](, [Igor Czerwinski]( and [Razvan Spatariu]( you all rock ♡
## Sponsors
London CSS is made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. We are grateful to [Samsung Internet]( for their support: with their help we're able to put these events together and recognise the contributions of our amazing speakers
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