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IReach integrates the gems newsletter and mail_manager into a useable site with administration access control and useful navigation with little work to get it going.

Online Documentation:


  • Rails 3.2.x (currently tested with rails 3.2.25)
  • Ruby 2.1.5 (currently tested with 2.1.5, we have tested against 1.9.3, but ruby devs no longer support it)
  • Bundler
  • Delayed::Job - (currently the only queue job runner we support)

Optional Dependencies

  • RVM - How we control our ruby environment(mainly concerns development)


  • install rvm/ruby 1.9.3/bundler/rails 3.2.x then run the following or skip ahead to the next step if you already have a rails 3.2.x app
    • new rails app where you want to not use 'test' and want to use mysql
        rails new MyApp -T --skip-bundle -d mysql
  • or optionally a default rails app
        rails new MyApp
        cd MyApp
  • edit your Gemfile
        gem 'i_reach'
  • uncomment the ruby racer line ... or pick another JS gem
      gem 'therubyracer', :platforms => :ruby`
  • add any other gems you like

  • bundle your gems

      bundle install
  • configure your database(unless already configured) edit config/database.yml

  • NOTE: you may need to prefix everything with bundle exec assuming you're using bundler

  • create(unless already created) the database

      rake db:create # this doesn't always work... you may need to use your normal client & set up permissions
  • configure mail_manager
    • generate and configure the mail manager settings file at config/mail_manager.yml: (replace table prefix with something... or nothing if you don't want to scope it)
      rake mail_manager:default_app_config[table_prefix]
  • generate migrations
      rake mail_manager:import_migrations
  • generate delayed_jobs (this is the only job runner we support right now)
      rails g delayed_job:active_record
  • NOTE: you need to create an email account that will receive bounces from your mailings(and allow POP)... configure in config/mail_manager.yml

  • configure newsletter

    • generate and configure the newsletter settings file at config/newsletter.yml: (replace table prefix with something... or nothing if you don't want to scope it)
      rake newsletter:default_app_config[table_prefix]
  • generate migrations
      rake newsletter:import_migrations
  • migrate the database
      rake db:migrate
  • create bounce job to check for emails that have bounced from your mailings
      rake mail_manager:create_delayed_jobs
  • mount IReach routes (you can say where by using at: /path) in config/routes.rb
      mount IReach::Engine => "/"
      root to: 'i_reach/welcome#index'
  • if you mount at "/", you probably need to remove public/index.html rm public/index.html

  • either create a newsletter design from scratch or you can import an example: rake newsletter:import_example_design

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