A screensaver with a mesmerizing display of dynamically generated particle effects
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Particle Fire Screen Saver version 2.1.5, by Seumas McNally.
Copyright 2000-2016 by Longbow Digital Arts Incorporated.

Additional Programming: Russ Williams, Rob McConnell, Rick Yorgason


The install program normally does this for you, but if for some reason
you need to re-install, simply right-click on the .scr file and choose
the 'Install' option.

NOTE:  Particle Fire may run slower in multi-colored (24-bit or
32-bit) mode.  If you find it performing poorly, try switching modes.


To get to the Settings dialog for Particle Fire, simply right click
the Desktop, choose Properties, then the Screen Saver tab, and finally
click the Settings button (make sure Particle Fire is the selected
Screen Saver).

Fire Options:  Click the two Custom color buttons to select a medium
and a hot color for the Custom Color scheme.  If Cycle is on, the
flame color will slowly cycle linearly between the various schemes
while the screen saver is running.  With Random on, the schemes will
be cycled between randomly.  Random without Cycle will choose a random
scheme when the screen saver starts, and keep that color throughout.
Wall of flame toggles the constant fire on the top and bottom of the
screen.  Fade out speed is the number of levels (out of 256) that the
fire will fade each frame.  Experiment with the extremes, such as 0 and 80.

Particles:  Num sets the number of particles on screen at once.  The
max is 10,000, which is only recommended for seriously beefy systems
with seriously high screen resolutions.  Below that is the Style,
which includes the Starfield mode (traveling through space).  The
rest of the Styles just change the sorts of effects that happen
during normal Particle Fire operation.  The Normal style has a blend
of all effects, except Starfield.  The Avg. event time sets the
average number of seconds between random effects (the minimum is 1,
which causes an effect every second).  Grav change time sets the
number of seconds between 90 degree rotations of the gravity
direction (every 180 degrees, the wall of flame switches from top
to bottom or bottom to top).

Disable Random Text:  Disables the random quips that pop up from
time to time while the screen saver is running.

Custom text can be added by supplying a text file with one quote per line. 


For additional help, contact help@longbowgames.com, use the forums at
longbowgames.com, or send us a message on Facebook.