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An online platform to play the board game "A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 2nd Edition"


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Swords and Ravens

"Swords and Ravens" is a reimplementation of the board game published by Fantasy Flight Games "A Game of Thrones: Board Game - Second Edition".

This repository also serves as a bug tracker. Head to the issues section if you want to report a bug, see the progression on the different features, or to see what's planned for the game! Before creating an issue to report a bug or propose a feature, please make sure that an issue does not already exist by using the search functions.

Suggestions, remarks and other feedbacks can done on the discord server (Ask Tex for access to the feedback channel).

General Architecture

The project is separated into 2 components:

  • A website in Python with the Django framework. This component handles user registrations, creating games as well as joining them. It exposes a REST API used by the game server. Finally, it also contains the logic for the chat used in the games. The code is located in agot-bg-website/.
  • A game server in Typescript with React, mobx and bootstrap. It runs the games of AGoT. It is itself composed of a front-end and a back-end. The code is located in agot-bg-game-server/.

Additional documentation about how those components work can be found in the folder of each component.

How to Run

There a multiple ways to run the code, depending on what components on what you want to run.

Launching the Game Only

Requires NodeJS v16 and yarn. Install the dependencies and initialize the environment variables by executing:

cd agot-bg-game-server/
yarn install
yarn run generate-json-schemas
cp .env

In 2 different terminals, execute:

  • yarn run run-client
  • yarn run run-server

Open http://localhost:8080/static/#1 in your browser. Additional players can be simulated by opening new browser tabs and changing the number at the end of the url.

Closing and re-reunning run-server will create a new game.

Note: The chat, which is managed by the website, will not be available.

Launching the Website Only

Requires a Linux based OS, docker and python3.
If you are on Windows you can install WSL2 to make it work. The project runs fine with the default Ubuntu distribution. Just enable Docker Desktop to be accessed from WSL if it's not activated per default.

Make sure following packages are installed on your OS:

sudo apt-get install gcc libpq-dev -y
sudo apt-get install python-dev  python-pip -y
sudo apt-get install python3-dev python3-pip python3-venv python3-wheel -y

To spin up the PostgreSQL database and a Redis database, open a terminal and execute docker-compose up.

In agot-bg-website/agotboardgame_main/migrations remove all files except
These deleted migration files are bound to the database and therefore you have to create the necessary migrations for your newly created database on your own.

Install the dependencies of the website component, initialize the database and create a super user by running:

cd agot-bg-website/
cp .env
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install wheel
pip install -r requirements.txt
cp agotboardgame_main/ agotboardgame_main/migrations/
python3 migrate
python3 createcachetable

# This command will ask for a password. Use "rootroot"
python3 createsuperuser --username Longwelwind

Once done, you can run the server by executing:

python3 runserver

The website will be accessible at http://localhost:8000/. Some functionalities such as mail notifications and social authentications will require environment variables defined in .env.
As Google and Discord authentication is not available you can login via http://localhost:8000/admin.

Note: If you try to open a game via the website, you will land on a template page.

Launching the Game and the Website

To launch the 2 components and make them inter-connected, make sure the dependencies are installed and the database is up and running (follow the instructions given in the precedent sections).

Replace the environment configuration of the game-server with a live one: cp .env.

The front-end of the game server must be built and placed in the website. This can be done by executing ./

You can now run the game server and the website by launching, in 2 two different terminals:

  • In agot-bg-game-server/, execute yarn run run-server.
  • In agot-bg-website/, activate your venv and execute python3 runserver.

Note: For play testing you at least need another user to run the game variant "Teach the game" locally. Create this user the same way you created the user Longwelwind.