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A small plug-in for Eclipse that attempts to launch *.py files as a project.
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README.markdown Eclipse Launcher Plug-in

A simple Eclipse plug-in that launches *.py files as sketches. Chris Lonnen <>

Please note that this plug-in requires a working installation in your machine.

Getting Started

First -- Go get and set it up. Remember where it is installed, specifically making sure the folder contains processing-py.jar

  • Inside Eclipse go to Help -> Install New Software...
  • Add a new update site (Add... on the upper right)
  • Use the name - Launcher Update Site
  • Use the location -
  • Select the Processing.Py_Launcher plug-in and choose Next to continue.
  • You will be prompted to review and accept the Eclipse Public License v 1.0. Proceed if you accept the terms.
  • The software contains unsigned content. Select ok if you trust the source (the update site from my github master is probably trustworthy).
  • Restart Eclipse if prompted.
  • Under File -> Preferences find and indicate the folder where is installed.
  • Add any additional command line arguments you desire ( --present for full screen. It should accept anything Processing does).
  • Save the preferences.
  • Right click on a *.py sketch in your workspace and select Run as... -> Sketch
  • Alternatively you can also right click on an editor with an open *.py file and select Run as... -> Sketch
  • Error messages and standard out should be written to your Eclipse console.

What now?

Please play with this and report bugs. I will try to patch these in a timely fashion. I also accept feature requests, but know that those may linger for a long time without being acted on.

In the future, Help -> Check for Updates will pull down the latest version of the plug-in.

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