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hexcurse v1.60.0

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Hexcurse is a curses-based hex editing utility that can open, edit, and save files, editing both the hexadecimal and decimal values.

It was written by Lonny Gomes and James Stephenson but we haven't maintained it for some time. We recently saw an old tarball of the code floating around the net and thought it would be good to start maintaining the codebase again.

It currently supports searching, hex and decimal address output, jumping to specified locations in the file, "undo" capabilities, "bolded" modifications, EBCDIC mode, and quick keyboard shortcuts to commands.


You must have the ncurses development libraries (version 5+) to compile this program


make install


usage: hexcurse [-?|help] [-a] [-r rnum] [-o outputfile] [[-i] infile]

    -a          Output addresses in decimal format initially
    -e          Output characters in EBCDIC format rather than ASCII
    -r rnum     Resize the display to "rnum" bytes wide
    -o outfile  Write output to outfile by default
    -? | -help  Display usage and version of hexcurse program
    [-i] infile Read from data from infile (-i required if not last argument)

Keyboard shortcuts

│ CTRL+?    Help     - help screen
│ CTRL+S    Save     - saves the current file open
│ CTRL+O    Open     - opens a new file
│ CTRL+G    Goto     - goto a specified address
│ CTRL+F    Find     - search for a hex/ascii value
│ CTRL+A    HexAdres - toggle between hex/decimal address
│ TAB       Hex Edit - toggle between hex/ASCII windows
│ CTRL+Q    Quit     - exit out of the program
│ CTRL+U    Page up  - scrolls one screen up
│ CTRL+D    Page down- scrolls one screen down
│ CTRL+Z    Undo     - reverts last modification
│ CTRL+T    Home     - returns to the top of the file
│ CTRL+B    End      - jumps to the bottom of the file
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