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Add multicol printer

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1 parent 2a7c18e commit 1a417ecfb362779000be64db4a13636cb01d7181 @Chouser Chouser committed
Showing with 91 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +91 −12 src/clj_stacktrace/repl.clj
103 src/clj_stacktrace/repl.clj
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
(ns clj-stacktrace.repl
(:use clj-stacktrace.core)
- (:require [clj-stacktrace.utils :as utils]))
+ (:require [clj-stacktrace.utils :as utils]
+ [clojure.pprint :as pprint]))
(def color-codes
{:red "\033[31m"
@@ -74,11 +75,51 @@
(.append on "\n")
(.flush on))))
+(defmacro def-formatter
+ "Defines a function named 'name' taking as args an output stream and
+ 'args' that will produce a formatted string using the formats
+ described in 'vecs'. Each item of 'vecs' must be a vector that
+ starts with a pprint format string and is followed by the arguments
+ expected by that format string. The function defined by this macro
+ contains a pre-compiled formatter and should thus run faster than
+ equivalent calls to clojure.pprint/cl-format."
+ [name args & vecs]
+ (let [format-in (apply str (map first vecs))
+ arg-forms (apply concat (map rest vecs))]
+ `(let [f# (pprint/formatter ~format-in)]
+ (defn ~name [on# ~@args]
+ (f# on# ~@arg-forms)))))
+(def-formatter pst-multicol-elem-on [color? elem widths]
+ [" ~A" (if color? (color-codes (elem-color elem)) "")]
+ ["~v@A" (:ns widths 4) (or (:ns elem) (:class elem))]
+ ["~A" (if (:java elem) "." "/")]
+ ["~v,,,'.A" (inc (:fn widths 4)) (str (or (:fn elem) (:method elem)) " ")]
+ ["~v,,,'.@A" (inc (:file widths 4)) (str " " (:file elem))]
+ [":~S" (:line elem)]
+ ["~A~%" (if color? (color-codes :default) "")])
+(defn pst-multicol-elems-on
+ [^ on color? parsed-elems widths]
+ (doseq [elem parsed-elems]
+ (pst-multicol-elem-on on color? elem widths))
+ (.flush on))
(defn pst-caused-by-on
[^ on color?]
(.append on ^String (colored color? :red "Caused by: "))
(.flush on))
+(defn pst-message-prefix-on
+ [^ on color? parsed-exception]
+ (let [text (if (nil? (:class parsed-exception))
+ "Smuggled: "
+ (if (:cause parsed-exception)
+ "Rethrown as "
+ "Root cause "))]
+ (.append on ^String (colored color? :red text))
+ (.flush on)))
(defn- pst-cause-on
[^ on color? exec source-width]
(pst-caused-by-on on color?)
@@ -88,28 +129,57 @@
(if-let [cause (:cause exec)]
(pst-cause-on on color? cause source-width)))
+(defn find-width [coll & fns]
+ (let [counts (for [x coll] (count (some #(% x) fns)))]
+ #_(utils/fence (sort counts))
+ (apply max counts)))
(defn find-source-width
"Returns the width of the longest source-string among all trace elems of the
excp and its causes."
- (let [this-source-width (->> (:trace-elems excp)
- (map (comp count source-str))
- (sort)
- (utils/fence))]
+ (let [this-source-width (find-width (:trace-elems excp) source-str)]
(if-let [cause (:cause excp)]
(max this-source-width (find-source-width cause))
+(defn- find-column-widths
+ [elems]
+ {:ns (find-width elems :ns :class)
+ :fn (find-width elems :fn :method)
+ :file (find-width elems :file)})
+(defn pst-parsed-on [on color? parsed-exception]
+ (let [source-width (find-source-width parsed-exception)]
+ (pst-class-on on color? (:class parsed-exception))
+ (pst-message-on on color? (:message parsed-exception))
+ (pst-elems-on on color? (:trace-elems parsed-exception) source-width)
+ (if-let [cause (:cause parsed-exception)]
+ (pst-cause-on on color? cause source-width))))
+(defn pst-multicol-on [on color? e-seq]
+ "Prints to the given Writer on a pretty stack trace for the given
+ parsed exception seq e-seq, with separate columns for class/namespace,
+ method/function, filename, and line number. Prints ANSI color codes
+ if color? is true."
+ (let [e-seq (shorten-messages e-seq)
+ column-widths (find-column-widths (mapcat :trimmed-elems e-seq))]
+ (doseq [e e-seq]
+ (pst-message-prefix-on on color? e)
+ (when (:class e)
+ (pst-class-on on color? (:class e)))
+ (pst-message-on on color? (:message e))
+ (pst-multicol-elems-on on color?
+ (collapse-elems (or (:trimmed-elems e)
+ (:trace-elems e)))
+ column-widths))))
(defn pst-on [on color? e]
"Prints to the given Writer on a pretty stack trace for the given exception e,
ANSI colored if color? is true."
- (let [exec (parse-exception e)
- source-width (find-source-width exec)]
- (pst-class-on on color? (:class exec))
- (pst-message-on on color? (:message exec))
- (pst-elems-on on color? (:trace-elems exec) source-width)
- (if-let [cause (:cause exec)]
- (pst-cause-on on color? cause source-width))))
+ (pst-parsed-on on color? (parse-exception e)))
(defn pst
"Print to *out* a pretty stack trace for an exception, by default *e."
@@ -120,3 +190,12 @@
"Like pst, but with ANSI terminal color coding."
[& [e]]
(pst-on *out* true (or e *e)))
+(defmacro with-pst
+ [pst-form & body]
+ `(try
+ ~@body
+ (catch Throwable t#
+ (safety-net t# (->> t# ~pst-form))
+ (when (instance? Error t#)
+ (throw t#)))))

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