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Warn about use of dirty working copy, even when allowed.

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Chouser committed Jan 6, 2014
1 parent 95a7027 commit 7f836bb5c3f38c9d63eb877e2452f9815aac09be
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  1. +7 −4 src/leiningen/voom.clj
@@ -749,14 +749,17 @@
[project & args]
(let [[kw-like more-args] (split-with #(re-find #"^:" %) args)
kargset (set (map edn/read-string kw-like))
- new-project (update-proj-version project (:long-sha kargset))]
+ new-project (update-proj-version project (:long-sha kargset))
+ dirty? (dirty-wc? (:root project))]
;; TODO throw exception if upstream doesn't contain this commit :no-upstream
;; :no-upstream - by default voom wants to see the current
;; version reachable via an upstream repo
- (if (and (dirty-wc? (:root new-project))
- (not (:insanely-allow-dirty-working-copy kargset)))
+ (if (and dirty? (not (:insanely-allow-dirty-working-copy kargset)))
(lmain/abort "Refusing to continue with dirty working copy. (Hint: Run 'git status')")
- (lmain/resolve-and-apply new-project more-args))))
+ (do
+ (when dirty?
+ (println "WARNING: Using dirty working copy!"))
+ (lmain/resolve-and-apply new-project more-args)))))
(defn install
"Same as 'lein voom wrap install': install a voom-versioned artifact of this project.

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