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# encoding=utf-8
# author=Loo
import platform
import time
import functools
import subprocess
import threading
import Queue
import multiprocessing
import socket
ip_prefix = ['180.97.33.', '14.17.32.']
length_of_ip_suffix = 256
ip_suffix = map(str, range(length_of_ip_suffix))
available_ip = []
port_opened = []
if platform.system().lower() == "windows":
timer = time.clock
timer = time.time
def used_time(name):
name = 'Using the {0} to scan ip '.format(name)
def wrapper(func):
def _wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
global available_ip
start_time = timer()
func(*args, **kwargs)
the_time_used = timer() - start_time
available_ip = []
print name + "takes {:.3f} seconds".format(the_time_used)
return _wrapper
return wrapper
def ping(host):
"""Returns True if host responds to a ping request"""
ping_str = "-n 1" if platform.system().lower() == "windows" else "-c 1"
return"ping " + ping_str + " " + host, shell=True) == 0
def ping_worker(prefix, queue, manager_list=None):
result = []
while not queue.empty():
ip = prefix + str(queue.get(False))
if ping(ip):
if manager_list is None:
except Exception, e:
print e
if manager_list is not None:
temp = manager_list
manager_list = temp
def ping_worker2(prefix, some_ip_suffix):
"""some_ip_suffix represent some parts of the ip_suffix slicing by the number of threads"""
# for suffix in some_ip_suffix:
# ip = prefix + suffix
# if ping(ip):
# available_ip.append(ip)
judgement = [(prefix + suffix) for suffix in some_ip_suffix if ping(prefix + suffix)]
def threads_scan_ip():
"""I use 64 threads,you can change it base on your situation"""
q = Queue.Queue()
for prefix in ip_prefix:
map(q.put, xrange(length_of_ip_suffix))
threads = [threading.Thread(target=ping_worker, args=(prefix, q, None)) for i in xrange(64)]
# or you can use the ping_worker2,just pay attention to the usage of args. 256/64 = 4
# threads =
# [threading.Thread(target=ping_worker2, args=(prefix, ip_suffix[i*4 : (i+1)*4],)) for i in range(64)]
map(lambda t: t.start(), threads)
map(lambda t: t.join(), threads)
def multiprocess_scan_ip():
note that on Windows the subprocesses will import (i.e. execute) the main module at start.
If the freeze_support() line is omitted then trying to run the frozen executable will raise RuntimeError.
multiprocessing.freeze_support() # On windows,you had better use it.
manager = multiprocessing.Manager()
global manager_list, available_ip
manager_list = manager.list() # share
q = multiprocessing.Queue()
for prefix in ip_prefix:
map(q.put, xrange(length_of_ip_suffix))
jobs = [multiprocessing.Process(target=ping_worker, args=(prefix, q, manager_list)) for i in xrange(64)]
map(lambda x: x.start(), jobs)
map(lambda x: x.join(), jobs)
available_ip = manager_list
def gevent_scan_ip():
from gevent import monkey
import gevent
from gevent.queue import Queue
q = Queue()
for prefix in ip_prefix:
map(q.put, xrange(length_of_ip_suffix))
coroutines = [gevent.spawn(ping_worker, prefix, q, None) for i in xrange(64)]
def scan_port(ip, port):
s = socket.socket()
if s.connect_ex((ip, port)) == 0:
def port_worker(queue, ip):
while not queue.empty():
port = queue.get(False)
scan_port(ip, port)
except Exception, e:
print e
def threads_scan_port():
query_ip = 'localhost'
q = Queue.Queue()
map(q.put, xrange(1, 65535))
threads = [threading.Thread(target=port_worker, args=(q, query_ip)) for i in range(100)]
map(lambda t: t.start(), threads)
map(lambda t: t.join(), threads)
print "the {} has some open ports as follows:".format(query_ip)
for port in port_opened:
print port
def print_available_ip():
print "The following ip addresses(%d) are available:" % len(available_ip)
if len(ip_prefix) > 1:
# group available_ip by the ip_prefix
ip_set = [[ip for ip in available_ip if prefix in ip] for prefix in ip_prefix]
ip_set = available_ip
for index, ips in enumerate(ip_set):
print ip_prefix[index], "has %d available ip addresses:" % len(ips)
for ip in sorted(ips, key=lambda x: int(x.split('.')[-1])):
print '\t', ip
if __name__ == '__main__':
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