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Interactive Control specialization for FS17

This is specialization for Farming Simulator 17 - Interactive Control.


This specialization is available many years now. In year 2014 I was asked to add monitors feature into old IC. I've done this and also started to create new concept of IC. In FS15 there was some releases, but then I've ended with scripting for FS. This was due to my graduation exams and because I went to college. Today I sometimes comes back and do some new stuff, but only sometimes.

In summer 2017 GtX from LS Modcompany contacted me and asked me to revide his convert of IC to FS17. I was excited and I started to revide his code. At same time I realized that events are old and not maintained and IC should be done better. So I started to creating new version - version 4.0.0


Interactive Control from version 4.0.0. comes with documentation in english. You can translate documentation into your native language if you want. Good point to start in documentation is on front page of this docu. I hope you'll find all you need.

Info about script

You can find all changes between versions in changelog


Last script release version: 4.1.1.

Release date: 2018-09-27


Last script development version: 4.1.1.

Last modification date: 2018-09-27


Main idea of IC from LS11: Manuel Leithner

Development since FS13: Martin Fabík

Convert to FS17 and some changes: GtX from LS Modcompany


If you want to help with development with this script, you can do it here on GitHub or write me an email at

Mods using this script

List of mods using this specialization. If you want, you can add your mod in this list or I'll add your mod in this list if you send me a mail or contact me anywhere else.


If you like this script you can support me with donation on PayPal or you can join this project by testing, suggestions, etc... Any kind of support is appreciated.


Free for non-commercial usage; for commercial use please contact me at