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Research Practicum - Team Busted

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The live site is available here: Accubus

This is the documentation for Team Busted. A basic guide on how to set up your development environment will be detailed below. We use two GitHub repositories, one for misclelenous code that's written for the project (i.e Formatting data, cleaning up data etc). Our second repository is of the main application itself. This is the actual codebase for the deployed application.

Version Control

We use Git and GitHub to manage our source code.


We use a branching model for Git called GitFlow. We are not adhering to the complex nature of the original version, we have watered it down but we still mantain it's core idea. We have a development branch and a master branch. All contributors branch off the development branch and develop features on there. Before pushing their branch to be merged on the development branch, they should make sure to git pull so as to get any recent changes on the development that might have been added. Before pushing, the contributor should also make sure that all intergration tests are passing.

Code Reviews

Once code has been pushed and a pull request made, other members of the team must review the code and leave a "thumbs up" emoticon if they're happy with the code otherwise leave comments outlining what could be improved (etc).

Merging code

Feature branches are merged after they've gone through a code review. Each feature branch must at least get 2 thumbs ups(contributor approvals) before being merged.

Code on the development branch is merged into the master branch at the end of the sprint.

  • Contributors should not merge their own branches

Test Driven Development

We take a test driven approach in developing our project. We write failing tests first then the code to make them pass. After the tests pass, time should be spent on refactoring the code.

Code Styleguide

For Python we follow the PEP8 styleguide. This styleguide gives details pertaining to issues such as variable naming, code folding e.t.c Details can be found here

For JavaScript we follow Google's style guide. Details can be found here

We use the following:

Video conferencing

Appear For days that we can't come into college


GoogleDocs General documentation, meeting minutes, retrospective,

Project management

Jira Project management, Kanban, Burndown Chart, Task management


Slack Instant messaging

Continuous Integration

Travis Continuous Integration and testing builds

Source code management

Git and Github Source code management, version control

Branching naming for Git

Branch names are prefixed by the collaborator's initials. Names should be descriptive. (see examples below)






Server Side

$ ssh root@

  • note that password log in is disabled. You need the private key to gain access.

From inside the mongo shell you need to run the following to index the gps locations

$ mongo

> use accubusDB

> db.stops.createIndex( { location: "2dsphere" } )

Main app:

$ /srv/AppEnv/appdata


$ /srv/AppEnv/

Start/Stop MongoDB

$ sudo systemctl start mongodb

$ sudo systemctl stop mongodb

Start/Stop Application

The following must be executed if any changes are made to the app.

$ systemctl start emperor.uwsgi

$ systemctl stop emperor.uwsgi

App logs

$ /srv/AppEnv/uwsgi.log