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Lookyloo is a web interface allowing to scrape a website and then displays a tree of domains calling each other.

What's in a name?!

Lookyloo ...

Same as Looky Lou; often spelled as Looky-loo (hyphen) or lookylou

1. A person who just comes to look.
2. A person who goes out of the way to look at people or something, often causing crowds and disruption.
3. A person who enjoys watching other people's misfortune. Oftentimes car onlookers that stare at a car accidents.

In L.A., usually the lookyloos cause more accidents by not paying full attention to what is ahead of them.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Lookyloo is a web interface that captures a webpage and then displays a tree of the domains, that call each other.


  1. lookyloo Public

    Lookyloo is a web interface that allows users to capture a website page and then display a tree of domains that call each other.

    Python 511 58

  2. PyLookyloo Public

    Python CLI and module for Lookyloo

    Python 4 2

  3. uwhoisd Public

    Forked from kgaughan/uwhoisd

    A 'Universal WHOIS' proxy server - you query it, it gives back the correct details

    Python 9 2

  4. Simple web API using the hourly dump from Phishtank

    Python 2 2

  5. Python API for Phishtank Lookup


  6. webext Public

    Web extension to submit a URL with its context to a Lookyloo instance

    JavaScript 2


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