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1.0.0 2012-04-04
* Added example usage to all methods
(James Aitken)
* The digest method now matches other Digest:: namespace modules,
and only returns the digest.
This means specifing the encoding when creating a new Digest::PBKDF2
object is no longer necessary or supported.
To access the different encodings, one should use the new as_ldap
and as_crypt methods
This is a backwards incompatible change.
(James Aitken)
* Added as_ldap and as_crypt methods to mitigate the changing of the
digest method to only return the digest
(James Aitken)
* Added salt method to specify the salt directly, rather than parsing
it from the data that was added, simplifying the interface. You must
explicitly set the empty string to create a salt-less hash.
The salt method acts as a getter to read the salt as currently set
(James Aitken)
* hexdigest and b64digest now correctly return the encoded version of the digest
(James Aitken)
* Updated tests and split into multiple test files for readability
(James Aitken)
0.009 2011-08-05
0.008 2011-08-03
0.007 2011-08-03
0.006 2011-07-25
0.005 2011-02-18
0.004 2011-02-18
0.003 2011-02-15
0.001 2011-02-11