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I got bored and improved my old LoonySQL library. (Pls just use, it's better).
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I got bored once, made a quick, but bad SQL library. I disliked it and now I'm making this rewrite.





Download (Don't use maven? You can just download the jar!)

LoonyRules Repo


  • Codecs
    • StringCodec (String.class)
    • IntegerCodec (int.class, Integer.class)
    • BooleanCodec (boolean.class, Boolean.class)
    • DoubleCodec (double.class. Double.class)
    • FloatCodec (float.class, Float.class)
    • UUIDCodec (UUID.class)
    • LongCodec (long.class, Long.class)
    • EnumCodec (Enum.class) See RankCodec for usage example.
    • ListCodec (List.class, ArrayList.class) Currently only supports String as a Generic Type.
  • @Table
    • Name
    • Create if not exists
    • Altering settings (None, Add, Remove, Add and Remove)
  • @Column
    • Custom column name
    • Default name to the Field name
  • @Primary
    • Non-AutoIncrement support
    • Integer AutoIncrement support
  • Tables
    • Creation
    • Modification to structure (Adding/Removing columns)
  • Queries
    • SELECT (find, findFirst, reload)
    • DELETE (delete all rows, delete a specified row)
    • INSERT [...] ON DUPLICATE KEY [...] (save)
    • COUNT (the number of rows matching your Query)
  • Other
    • Delete all table contents
    • Configuration support
      • Maximum Pool Size
      • Encoding
      • Collation
    • Unicode support


  • Support an @Embeddable system that'll pull data from more than 1 Table from inside of an Object.
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