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using Loop54.Model;
using Loop54.Model.Request;
using Loop54.Model.Request.Parameters;
using Loop54.User;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
namespace Loop54.NetCoreCodeExamples.Controllers
public class EventTrackingController : Controller
private readonly ILoop54Client _loop54Client;
public EventTrackingController(ILoop54Client loop54Client)
_loop54Client = loop54Client;
public ActionResult Index()
string productId = "1";
// Code examples
Entity clickedEntity = CreateEventsExample(productId);
return View();
#region CodeExamples
private Entity CreateEventsExample(string productId)
Debug.WriteLine("create-events: " + Environment.NewLine);
// CODE SAMPLE create-events BEGIN
// Code examples
//click event (can be called on the product page)
Entity clickedEntity = new Entity("Product", productId);
_loop54Client.CreateEvents(new CreateEventsRequest(new ClickEvent(clickedEntity)));
//addtocart event (call this when a customer adds a product to cart)
Entity addToCartEntity = new Entity("Product", productId);
_loop54Client.CreateEvents(new CreateEventsRequest(new AddToCartEvent(addToCartEntity)));
//purchase events (can be called when an order is processed, or on the "thank you" page)
Entity purchasedEntity = new Entity("Product", productId);
_loop54Client.CreateEvents(new CreateEventsRequest(new PurchaseEvent(purchasedEntity)
OrderId = "13t09j1g", //Optional but recommended
Quantity = 5, //Optional
Revenue = 249d //Optional
Debug.WriteLine("create-events (end) " + Environment.NewLine);
return clickedEntity;
private void CustomerUserIDExample(Entity clickedEntity)
Debug.WriteLine("create-events-custom-user-id: " + Environment.NewLine);
// CODE SAMPLE create-events-custom-user-id BEGIN
// How it works
//click event with a custom user ID
_loop54Client.CreateEvents(new CreateEventsRequest(new ClickEvent(clickedEntity)).Wrap(new UserMetaData("testUserID")));
Debug.WriteLine("create-events-custom-user-id (end) " + Environment.NewLine);
#region HelperMethods