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Loop Docs

This is the repo that contains the source files for the Loop Docs site.


To suggest changes, fork this repository, edit the files, and submit your changes as a pull request.

Previewing Changes

To preview your work as you edit you must set up two python packages that are used to create this site using MkDocs. They are mkdocs, and mkdocs-bootswatch.

Review Properly Installing Python for help getting Python installed. MkDocs works with Python 2.7, 3.3+, and pypy.

  • Install python modules
$ cd <loopdocs project location>
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

mkdocs Version Warning: Use the latest 0.16.x patch version of mkdocs, but don't upgrade mkdocs to version 0.17.x. It is NOT compatible with the theme being used. Same for updated versions of mkdocs-bootswatch, do not use the latest version.

  • Or, install modules individually
$ pip install mkdocs<0.17
$ pip install mkdocs-bootswatch==0.4.0
  • Run mkdocs server locally
$ cd <loopdocs project location>
$ mkdocs serve
  • Preview docs in browser. Most changes will update automatically as you edit. Configuration and navigation changes will require restarting the mkdocs server.
  • Optionally, you can share the preview with others by uploading them to your repository's gh-pages branch
$ mkdocs gh-deploy


  • Use images for clarity whenever appropriate


Admonitions are a markdown extension that enable formatted blocks for visually calling out information. The types are: note, info, warning, and danger. Here are some examples of how to write the markdown:

!!! note
    This admonition uses the default title: 'Note'.

!!! info "My Custom Title"
    This admonition is blue and has a custom title.

!!! warning ""
    This admonition is yellow and has no title.