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Loop Docs

This is the repo that contains the source files for the Loop Docs site.


The easy way:

  • To suggest changes, please review Issues. Add your comment if an Issue is already open, otherwise, add a new Issue.
  • If it is a simple typo or wording change, follow the instructions in this video to submit a pull request the easy way.

If it is a more substantive change and you want to make a fork and provide pull requests, please keep reading.

Previewing Changes

To preview your work as you edit you must set up two python packages that are used to create this site using MkDocs. They are mkdocs, and mkdocs-bootswatch.

Review Properly Installing Python for help getting Python installed. MkDocs works with Python 2.7, 3.3-3.6, and pypy.

  • Install python modules
$ cd <loopdocs project location>
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run mkdocs server locally
$ cd <loopdocs project location>
$ mkdocs serve
  • Preview docs in browser. Most changes will update automatically as you edit. Configuration and navigation changes will require restarting the mkdocs server.
  • Optionally, you can share the preview with others by uploading them to your repository's gh-pages branch
$ mkdocs gh-deploy

Note that these two branch names: working-docs and master will automatically be published to your personal repository gh-pages by github actions when they are pushed to the github server.



Links should be written like this:

In the same directory: [Click here for Step 14](

In a directory below the current page: [Click here for Step 14](build/

In a directory "outside" the current directory: [Click here for Step 14](../build/

Like above, but linking directly to a heading/anchor in

[Click here for Step 14](../build/

Notice about mkdocs: "Using absolute paths with links is not officially supported. Relative paths are adjusted by MkDocs to ensure they are always relative to the page. Absolute paths are not modified at all. This means that your links using absolute paths might work fine in your local environment but they might break once you deploy them to your production server."

Do NOT use a link starts that with a '/': [Click here for Step 14](/build/


The conventions for linking to images is the same as linking to pages as described above.

New images should be placed in the "img" directory just below the md-file.

Example of correct link to image is [alt-text](relative path/image-name).


With images it is possible to add extra attributes like 'width' and 'center'.


This will get rendered to this: <img alt="iPhone" src="img/phones.png" width="300">

You can also center a image, by adding '{align="center"}' on a new line
just below the paragraph you want to center:


This will get rendered to this:
<p align="center">
    <img alt="Eros" src="../img/eros.png" width="750" />

A note about images in tables. Use html on the first line that indicates the table. For example, in there are many icons with descriptions to the right. This format provides appropriate views on both desktop and mobile.

For no header row, replace ||| with:

| <div style="width:72px"></div> ||
|![icon alt-text ](img/icon)|text with description|

To add header row, use:

| <div style="width:72px">Column 1</div> | Column 2 |


Admonitions are a markdown extension that enable formatted blocks for visually calling out information.

The markdown syntax used by loopdocs is:

!!! keyword ""
    If a blank title is provided, no title is applied.
    Every indented line is included in the "box" created by this admonition

!!! keyword "Title String"
    If an explicit title string is provided, that is used as the title.
    The displayed title string matches the capitalization provided.

    Every indented line is included in the "box" created by this admonition

The keyword Cascading Style Sheet (css) definitions are found in docs/stylesheets/admonitions.css.

This table was proposed and green and faqs were used on a few pages. But, not sure if faqs and green are acceptable markdown standard. For now, use danger and warning. Might modify the style later.

| keyword  | synonym  |  example in build                   | color  |
| danger   |  green   |, Time Estimate            | green  |
| info     |          |, Summary                  | blue   |
| faqs     |          |, FAQs                     | orange |
| note     |          |, MMT pump model/firmware  | grey   |
| warning  |          |, Reminder and Disclaimer  | orange |

The 3 top boxes on many pages, but especially the Build Step series should always use

!!! danger "Time Estimate"

!!! info "Summary"

!!! warning "FAQs"

Copy Button

A rudimentary copy button is available, but could be improved.

  • pretty rudimentary but it works (tested for Chrome and Safari)
  • each id must be unique (I'm sure there's a way to fix this . . . later)
  • example:
<code id="copy-step14-01">/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"</code>
<button type="button" onclick="copyEvent('copy-step14-01')">Copy</button>