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  1. frpc-go Public

    fRPC-go is a lightweight, fast, and secure RPC framework implemented for Go that uses Frisbee under the hood

    Go 325 11

  2. frisbee-go Public

    The Go implementation of Frisbee - a bring-your-own protocol messaging framework designed for performance and stability.

    Go 47 1

  3. polyglot-go Public

    polyglot-go is a high-performance serialization/deserialization framework for Go.

    Go 5 1

  4. polyglot-rs Public

    Rust version of the polyglot data encoding library

    Rust 3

  5. polyglot-ts Public

    TypeScript version of the Polyglot data encoding library.

    TypeScript 4

  6. certifier Public

    Certifier is a library designed to make it easy to obtain ACME TLS certificates using the DNS-01 Challenge. Certifier is not designed to work as a standalone-CLI, but instead it is designed to be e…

    Go 5




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