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This developer portal provides technical information for software engineers and product managers to comprehend and adopt the solution. We welcome our community to send us feedback to enhance these documents.


Loopring is a layer-2 protocol that consists of multiple smart contracts to verify tradable orders and perform trade settlement on-chain while keeping all order management off-chain. Loopring features a generic design with matching-as-a-service, ring-matching, and anti-front running (dual-authoring technology). We strongly encourage you to read our new whitepaper and previous blog posts as it is the best way to understand the protocol. If you have any questions, you can send us an email, or post questions on StackOverflow or Reddit. You can also learn more about the Loopring Protocol here.

Our Solution

There is a significant lack of security, transparency, and liquidity in centralized exchanges. Loopring invented a new trading experience built upon blockchain and smart contract technologies. Through our whitepaper and this developer portal, you will see that Loopring DEXs are non-custodial and perfectly secure: all trades are verified and recorded on the blockchain for absolute transparency, and every Loopring order can be trustlessly shared with as many parties as possible, which allows for greater liquidity and trade price improvement.

The Loopring Foundation provides open-sourced, ready-to-deploy solutions for our community to develop the DEX frontend with apps (a.k.a wallets), the DEX backend (a.k.a relayers or matching engines), along with liquidity sharing middleware. We also provide free-of-charge consulting and technical support.

We have multiple patents in the US, the European Union, and China to protect the design and implementation of the Loopring Protocol. Before deploying a trading protocol on any public blockchain, please make sure your smart contracts don't include the ring-matching and dual-authoring features; otherwise, you must obtain our formal authorization for using our patents in writing.

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