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@mluis1 mluis1 released this Jul 19, 2019 · 1 commit to develop since this release


2019-07-19, V4.4.2

  • General

    1. Release based on "LoRaWAN specification 1.0.3" and "LoRaWAN Regional Parameters v1.0.3revA"
    2. Examples application refactoring plus the addition of the application status display on the serial port. (921600-8-N-1)
    3. Added new refactored application examples
      • Added LoRa-Alliance defined application layer protocols support. Only FUOTA test scenario 01 required features are currently implemented.
        • "Clock Synchronization" package
        • "Fragmented data block transport" package
        • "Remote multicast setup" package
    4. Added a NVM context management module. (Disabled by default)
    5. Added secure-element support
    6. Refactored timer.c/h, rtc-driver.c/h and added a systime.c/h module.
    7. Functions in ISR context have been moved to main context
    8. Replaced BoardDisableIrq and BoardEnableIrq functions by CRITICAL_SECTION_BEGIN and CRITICAL_SECTION_END respectively.
    9. Added B-L072Z-LRWAN1 platform support.
    10. Added NucleoL476 platform support.
    11. Added IMST new platforms.
    12. Removed SensorNode platform support
    13. Removed MoteII platform support
    14. Removed LoRaMote platform support
    15. Applied SX1272 and SX1276 radios errata note 3.1 to the radio drivers implementation.
    16. Fix printf/scanf functions when GCC is used as compiler.
  • LoRaWAN

    1. GitHub reported issues corrections. Please refer to Release Version 4.4.2
    2. Heavily refactored the LoRaMac.c/h implementation.
    3. Added RU864 region support.
    4. Removed US915-Hybrid region support
    5. Added ClassB support.
    6. Added a callback to notify the upper layer to call LoRaMacProcess function
    7. Implemented the support for RxC windows (ClassC) required by the application layer protocols.
    8. Changed multicast channels handling according to the application layer protocols.

LoRaWAN pre-certification results

Please refer to Releases pre-certification-results document for further information.

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