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OSX Applescript handler to open magnet URLs in
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Magnet Handler.applescript


OSX Applescript handler to open magnet URLs in

Current Version

- Version: 1.3.0
- Date: 2018-12-118

Known Issues

Release Notes

[1.3.0] - 2018-12-118

  • Changed

    • registerHandler:
      • is provided straight as the statically-linked product of its Xcode project.
      • Made some cosmetic changes to the usage message.
      • Using -register now returns 0 on success and forwards whatever numeric error we get on failure to the AppleScript GUI.
    • Main bundle:
      • Use a more robust method to determine locations of icon files, as well as registerHandler.
      • The app now doesn't always presume success. The success message is only shown if registerHandler returns 0.
      • The whole bundle is now codesigned and linked against 10.14 SDK.


Note: If on 10.14+, the application will ask for permission to control several other apps; including, System and possibly itself (don't ask).

  1. ) Install to "Applications" folder.
  2. ) Run The application once by double-clicking it on the Finder, the application will then prompt you to register itself as the default handler for torrent files.
  3. ) Go to a browser and click on a magnet to test it.
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