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ROS driver for serial Roboteq motor controllers. This driver is suitable for use with Roboteq's Advanced Digital Motor Controllers, as described in this document. Devices include:

Brushed DC: HDC24xx, VDC24xx, MDC22xx, LDC22xx, LDC14xx, SDC1130, SDC21xx
Brushless DC: HBL16xx, VBL16xx, HBL23xx, VBL23xx, LBL13xx, MBL16xx, SBL13xx
Sepex: VSX18xx

The node works by downloading a MicroBasic script to the driver, which then publishes ASCII sentences at 10Hz and 50Hz with the data corresponding to the Status and per-channel Feedback messages published by the driver.


roslaunch roboteq_drivers example.launch

  • launches rosserial _python to listen to brakeInfo
  • launches joy node and remaps it
  • launches the roboteq_drivers for brake-interface.

NOTE: Do not press the mode/back key on the JOYSTICK.!

development log

July 27 Made changes to the code. Parity. Stop bits. and Initialization. The code had worked once. Not working now. Possible cause. random values in the _txBuffer.

July 28 Code working. But is still buggy. Strangely enough, the Controller::Write() function doesnt work properly to send the brake commands. This probably might be due to the mutexes that lock during read and write. What worked was storing the message as a string in the tx_buffer and using serial_->write() and then flushing it. NOte the tx_buffer was cleared prior to these operations.

Sept 28 Added fail safe loops. Roboteq now connects by default. Arduino node published brake feedback on brakeInfo msg of rosserial_adc type.

Sept 31 Added Feedback Loops directly. launch file calls rosserial_python. and listens to roboteq_drivers/brakeInfo for feedback. Subscribes directly to Joy commands through remapping to roboteq_drivers/joy

Added Start button for reinitialization.

Intial Postion for FWD and RWS is has to be done through Mutex.

Fail Safe still to be added.


  1. Initial Position Fwd or Reverse (Mutex)
  2. Fail Safe brakes.