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A Knob-based Car Game Interface,

User interface for a knob-based car game. And I come up with a new operation idea for car interface. That's the one-time-one-operation control. That means, the user can not set the direction order and the speed-up-down order simultaneously. Well, while the level of difficulty increases, the game becomes more interesting.

And the order you set depends on the knob pointer value. Note that the rotate velocity of the knob pointer is related to your voice! Yes, the audio-recognition system is also included. It's cool, isn't it?


Client setup

Open the "drive.pde", and then download "ControlP5" library directly through "Processing/Sketch/Import Library.../Add Library/Filter search".

Server setup

Open the "MACOSX/TCPCarServer" for Mac OS users.
Open the "Windows/TCPCarServer.exe" for windows users.
Unfold the menu and then press "start".

Start game

Run the "drive.pde", and then press "start" on the interface.


The knob begins to rotate clock-wise when the game starts.The area between “Accelerate” label and “Left” label represents for accelerate. The user can click SPACE to accelerate the car when the pointer arrives at this area. And similarly for the other areas. Press the TAB button on the keyboard to shift the gear of the car.

The audio-recognition system is used for switch the angular velocity of the pointer. The louder you shout, the faster the pointer rotates. So if you want the car to turn right at once just after the acceleration, you can shout out loudly to make the pointer arrive at the “Right” area right now.

(The “left” and “Right” areas are for direction operations. But when you choose the “Accelerate” and “Decelerate” operation, the car will automatically turn to go straight.)

snapshot 1

snapshot 2

snapshot 3

snapshot 4


Demo video