A 'modern' replica of UISwitch.
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DCRoundSwitch - LordLobo's fork

LordLobo fork since DC isn't merging pulls on his branch. @lordlobo

---- Original README contents follow ----

Twitter: @patr

Our commercial apps: domesticcat.com.au


DCRoundSwitch is designed to be a drop in replacement for UISwitch. It is styled 'modern' so will unify the look of your apps into the future whilst retaining backwards capability. Drawing is done in CoreGraphics so no images are required.

It should behave exactly the same as a UISwitch API wise, if it doesn't please file a bug, or preferably send me a pull request.

Round Switch Demo Image


To use it, add the files in the DCRoundSwitch folder to your project and add the QuartzCore framework to your project.

If you you it in your project, we'd love to hear about it: contact@domesticcat.com.au.

Extra features

  • onTintColor
  • onText
  • offText
  • resize the frame to whatever you want to make fatter/skinnier controls


Made available under the MIT License. Attribution would be nice.


If you have any feature requests/bugfixes etc. feel free to help out and send a pull request, or create a new issue.