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LLRoundSwitch - Enhanced UISwitch replacement with ARC support

12-05-2011 v0.1 not-even-alpha : transposed DCRoundSwitch code
12-12-2011 v0.2 Beta: Added demo project, fixed KnobLayer memory leaks - test away
12-13-2011 v0.3 Beta: Added visiblity toggle to switch1 on switch4 that allows test for leak in KnobLayer
No leak found yet.
02-23-2012 v1.0 Live: Calling this 1.0 right now. Adding to CocoaPods.
05-21-2012 v1.0.0: Adding tag so this works with CocoaPods.
06-28-2012 v1.0.1: Fixes for Autoreleased CGColor things, more on this soon (not final)
Short story: A new version of DCRoundSwitch with ARC and a Github repo I pay attention to.