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February 17, 2023 15:05
December 29, 2020 10:52

LordMewtwo's Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Randomizer

This github is used to post the source code for the FE10 randomizer. If you are looking to download the randomizer and all of its assets, you can find that on the discord server ( There you can also report bugs, ask me questions, and talk to other people using the randomizer. I have attempted to comment my code clearly, but if any questions arise, discord will be the easiest way to contact me.

This program is written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio. You can view the code in Form1.cs

With this randomizer, you can:

  • Randomize class and starting items of all playable characters other than BK
  • Change recruitment order, including being able to play as a handful of enemy characters
  • Randomize or shuffle growth rates and set minimum growth rates
  • Change growths to 0% *
  • Add back in the dumb changes made to Hardmode like removing weapon triangle and enemy ranges
  • Change stat caps
  • Randomize enemies and bosses
  • Power up enemies and give them random skills
  • Randomize shop, bargain, and forge items
  • Randomize event items
  • Randomize skills
  • New QoL and difficulty settings such as Ironman mode, Choose my Tower, no FoW, Horse Parkour, and more!
  • Randomize affinities, biorhythm, transformation gauges, movement, and so much more!

*due to Radiant Dawn requiring a minimum of 1 stat gain per level, STR or MAG is set to 100% (whichever is unused for each class) while all other stats are 0%. STR or MAG is also uncapped to a max value of 127


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