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TMDbLib Build status NuGet

A near-complete wrapper for v3 of TMDb's API (TheMovieDb -


Install from Nuget using the command: Install-Package TMDbLib View more about that here:



Most of the library is self-explaining, and closely follows the possibilities at the official TMDb documentation site:


Simple example, getting the basic info for "A good day to die hard".

TMDbClient client = new TMDbClient("APIKey");
Movie movie = client.GetMovieAsync(47964).Result;

Console.WriteLine($"Movie name: {movie.Title}");

Using the extra features of TMDb, we can fetch more info in one go (here we fetch casts as well as trailers):

TMDbClient client = new TMDbClient("APIKey");
Movie movie = client.GetMovie(47964, MovieMethods.Casts | MovieMethods.Trailers);

Console.WriteLine($"Movie title: {movie.Title}");
foreach (Cast cast in movie.Credits.Cast)
    Console.WriteLine($"{cast.Name} - {cast.Character}");

foreach (Video video in movie.Videos.Results)
    Console.WriteLine($"Trailer: {video.Type} ({video.Site}), {video.Name}");

It is likewise simple to search for people or movies, for example here we search for "007". This yields basically every James Bond film ever made:

TMDbClient client = new TMDbClient("APIKey");
SearchContainer<SearchMovie> results = client.SearchMovieAsync("007").Result;

Console.WriteLine($"Got {results.Results.Count:N0} of {results.TotalResults:N0} results");
foreach (SearchMovie result in results.Results)

However, another way to get all James Bond movies, is to use the collection-approach. TMDb makes collections for series of movies, such as Die Hard and James Bond. I know there is one, so I will show how to search for the collection, and then list all movies in it:

TMDbClient client = new TMDbClient("APIKey");
SearchContainer<SearchCollection> collectons = client.SearchCollectionAsync("James Bond").Result;
Console.WriteLine($"Got {collectons.Results.Count:N0} collections");

Collection jamesBonds = client.GetCollectionAsync(collectons.Results.First().Id).Result;
Console.WriteLine($"Collection: {jamesBonds.Name}" );

Console.WriteLine($"Got {jamesBonds.Parts.Count:N0} James Bond Movies");
foreach (SearchMovie part in jamesBonds.Parts)


  • All methods are async and awaitable
  • Most methods are very straightforward, and do as they are named, GetMovie, GetPerson etc.
  • Almost all enums are of the [Flags] type. This means you can combine them: MovieMethods.Casts | MovieMethods.Trailers
  • TMDb are big fans of serving as little as possible, so most properties on primary classes like Movie are null, until you request the extra data using the enums like above.


1.0.7-alpha Changes:

  • Added gender to cast and crew for movies
  • Modified enum handeling for when null is returned from the api

1.0.6-alpha Changes:

  • Added gender to cast and crew for TV shows
  • Added recommendations for tvshows and movies

1.0.5-alpha Changes:

  • Added Rating to AccountGetRatedMoviesAsync results

1.0.4-alpha Changes:

  • Implemented Serialize() for a number of custom serializers
  • Implemented destroyed Changes action
  • Added ability to pass a WebProxy to the TMDbClient


No changes. We finally moved to the first stable release in over a year. Compare to 0.8.3, there will be some breaking changes - but most should be trivial to fix.

0.9.6-alpha Changes:

  • Added UAP10.0 as a target
  • Changed netstandard1.6 target to netstandard1.0

0.9.5-alpha Changes:

  • ChangeItem has been refactored into separate types for each of the applicable actions (#197)
  • Created a new object for Episodes of a TvSeason
  • More cleanup of types, removing unset properties and adding missing ones
  • Adjust the AccountStates object for TvEpisodes in particular, so the properties match returned values from TMDb

0.9.4-alpha Changes:

  • Refining tests revealed a number of mismatches between the API and the library. These are fixed as I go along
  • A number of types will have moved namespaces, and properties have been added / removed

0.9.2-alpha Changes:

  • Combined a number of classes (#195)
  • Drastically improved the SearchMulti method (#145)
  • Used Newtonsoft.Json tricks to deserialize JSON into multiple different types

0.9.1-alpha Changes:

  • Changed project to a .NET Core project (#188), changes required:
    • Removed the [Display] attribute, replaced with custom attribute
    • Changed StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase to OrdinalIgnoreCase
    • Removed [Serializable]
    • Support net45 and netcoreapp1.0 (also added net451, net452, net46 and netstandard1.6)
    • Removed ObjectHelper
    • Upgraded to Newtonsoft.Json 9.0.1 to support netcoreapp1.0


  • Removed Restsharp in favour of HttpClient and Json.Net
    • Fixes a lot of weirdness in Json parsing and gives flexibility
    • Simplified retry logic
  • Brings the API up to date
    • Broke up Tv shows and Movie methods
    • Refactorings in code
    • Breaking changes, mostly renames and splitting methods
  • Async support


  • Major update which brings the API up to date (minus a few features)
  • Multiple breaking changes from 0.7, but mostly parameter changes or renames.
  • Prepared for a 0.9 release with Async support.


  • First release
  • Available on Nuget
  • Basic API design with a great potential for refactoring (be warned on design changes)
  • Supports most (if not all) read-only operations (login sessions not supported - yet).
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