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Anti Multi

This is AntiMulti. It is a plugin designed to prevent the use of alternate accounts from the same IP address, while also to some extent function as a way to prevent cracked clients from using multiple names. To put it simply, a player cannot use multiple accounts on the same IP address and likewise, will not be able to use a ton of IPs.

AntiMulti is a plugin which has undergone multiple changes from its original intent to be a simple plugin to prevent alternate accounts from being used on a server by blocking too many accounts from sharing an IP to a plugin which can also prevent session stealing using this same concept and also supporting admin protection. This is done simply by using an IP system to prevent the unauthorized use of an account by using IPs to prevent session stealing from working in the first place. All of this is completely toggle-able in the configuration file in case one does not use want to use certain features or not.

There are a few things you must understand when using this plugin. This is not a one-hit wonder in that it can stop all alternate accounts, as proxies would be able to get around this system, however common proxies would eventually be blocked after they are used enough. This has the un-intended benefit of also being able to hurt the PWNAGE client as well by building up the list of proxies it uses until eventually its collection of proxies have been blocked. This does its best though to stop a member from simply using 2 accounts to gain an advantage over another player.

There are 2 groups this plugin will understand: Players and Admins. Players are normal players and are not forced to use the protection system as strictly as admins. Players are more loosely held initially by allowing more connections per name and IP, however this can be changed. Admins are more protected to prevent the taking of the account to cause problems by forcing registration and using a smaller range of names and IPs that can those accounts can share. This is all permission based in that there is a perm that designates whether the player is an admin or a player, which is just antimulti.admin, which if given, marks the player as an admin and handles them accordingly.