Unofficial portable .Net client for the JobServe Jobs API
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JobServe Jobs API Client

Portable .Net Client to access the JobServe Jobs API.

The library is neither produced by, officially endorsed by, or in any way supported by JobServe Ltd.

I created this because I worked on the API, and I wanted to help people consume it.

See the Version History for detailed information on how this client has evolbved over time.

Take a look at the ClientTests.cs unit test for a few examples of how to use the client. You'll also find some other tests of the service-oriented types as well in the same project.


See the unit tests project for a couple of examples of how to use the WebRequestManager class to access the API directly.

Also, there is now a Client that provides more structured access to the API by hiding the underlying HTTP work.

I've also added a service abstraction layer, designed to run over the top of the client, to make accessing the service even easier.

Want your own access token?

The client code has a default API token that is used if no other token is provided. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to use this token, you can also head on over to the Request Access page on the JobServe API website to get your own token. You should definitely do this if you are developing your own application or website.


This is created initially to answer a support question from a user that registered for access and then asked for some example code.

I encourage you to fork the library at your leisure, or use it as-is, I will also accept pull requests for any urgent issues.