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Notepad++ (UDL 2.0 version), beta phase
This repository will serve as central point for code sharing as well as distribution of binaries during development and testing.

UDL stands for User Defined Language, it is a feature of Notepad++ editor through which users can define their own syntax highlighting.

UDL 2.0 is my attempt to update default UDL that is shipped with Notepad++.
At this point it is in testing phase and not part of official Notepad++ build.

This page was created for beta testers. If you want to join, or simply get more information, please visit official forum thread.
There you can also comment current features or request new ones.

I created solution (.sln) and project (.vcproj) files for Visual Studio 2008.
For some reason, DEBUG configuration wasn't working properly, so I set up "Unicode release" configuration to generate debug info.
Please use "Unicode release" configuration to avoid "fighting" with Visual studio.

Finally, user documentation can be found on the following link:

Thank you and best regards,