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About ECGridOS and Loren Data Corp.

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ECGridOS™ provides a 100% Web Services API into the ECGrid® Interconnect Network. Unlike Value Added Networks (VANs), ECGridOS turns ECGrid into a 100% programmable electronic commerce routing switch. EDI transport has never been more flexible nor more powerful.

Imagine no longer being bound to the web interface provided by the VAN, but having the tools to tailor the end user's experience to exactly their needs, easily, efficiently, reliably and securely.

Conceived as an operating system, ECGridOS is a set of primitives that allow the developer to create the system as best suites their client. No longer limited by a few predefined, unmodifiable web pages provided by the VAN or Electronic Commerce Service Provider, ECGridOS unleashes the full power of the ECGrid.

The Electronic Commerce Evolution

Founded in 1987, Loren Data Corp. has been at the forefront of electronic commerce evolution. ECGrid is the result of two decades of innovation and technology. Initially released in 2000, ECGrid bridges the gap between EDI technology and utility caliber infrastructure. Vision

A world economy empowered by automated, interbusiness communication. Mission

Loren Data will provide the leading, globally accessible, electronic commerce operating system.

As AT&T Long Distance defined telephone service and FedEx revolutionized trackable, overnight delivery, ECGrid seamlessly connects Value Added Networks, ASPs, Electronic Commerce Service Providers (ECSP) and all their customers on a standardized EDI VAN interconnect infrastructure.


The Missing Link

ECGrid began in 1997 as a web-based VAN connected to the US Department of Defense EDI Network. Since 2001 ECGrid has been the preferred Interconnect Network for major electronic commerce service providers such as SPS Commerce, CovalentWorks, and others.

ECGrid is the global infrastructure that enables organizations to transact business seamlessly across all Electronic Commerce Service Providers.

Conceived specifically to service the infrastructure needs of major service providers, ECGrid focuses primarily on network interconnects, routing and reporting. Value added end-user services such as translation, mapping and application integration are the domain of ECGrid's customers.

By not competing for end-users, ECGrid has established itself as non-competitive provider of high-quality interconnect services.

ECGridOS™ v2

Total Control

ECGridOS turns the ECGrid Interconnect Network into a fully programmable EDI switch. With every aspect of the management and operation of ECGrid being exposed as a web services API, services and systems connected to ECGrid can now deliver the most seamless EDI transport available anywhere.

With ECGridOS, the developer, consultant or system integrator can quickly and easily deliver the exact product their customers need.

  • Developers can integrate ECGridOS throughout their applications, allowing one click configuration of trading partners and interconnects as well as complete interchange management. * System integrators can use the power of web services to tightly integrate client applications to the ECGrid Interconnect Network, eliminating the need to train customers on multiple systems. * Consultants can rapidly create and host custom web page that best service their clients' needs in a secure, reliable environment.

Where VANs require that all configuration, tracking and reporting be performed through a proprietary, out-of-band, web interface while data is routed through a completely different channel, ECGridOS delivers complete control of the entire process through an in-band, web services API.

End-users are no longer required to learn separate systems, or call IT for tasks as simple as adding a new vendor or tracking the status of an interchange. Through ECGridOS, seamless control is provided directly through the end-user application to the desktop, where it belongs.

ECGridOS allows developers and system integrators to tightly integrate end-user applications, delivering complete control of the ECGrid Network directly to the end-user desktop. End-users can now add trading partners, send and receive interchanges, and track the status of all ECGrid operations without ever leaving their primary environment.

ECGridOS™ v3

Enhanced Features

The next version of ECGridOS provides you with a more robust set of features providing a unheard of level of control over your network and traffic.

  • Build AS2 right into you system, setup new connections as needed without ever leaving your application.
  • If you want the power of Asynchronous programming this is the version for you. Many of the most common operations now support asynchronous calls.
  • Over 225 different operations you can perform right from your own application.

ECGridOS™ v4

Refined Efficiency

The current version of ECGridOS has been streamlined for fast and efficient processing and routing.

  • Communication specific calls have been consolidated
  • Data upload feature have been refined and expanded for base64 strings
  • Call list has been stabilized with all deprecated calls and pending calls removed

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