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public partial class ParcelIDInfo {
        public long ParcelID {get;set;}
        public int ParcelBytes {get;set;}
        public DateTime ParcelDate {get;set;}
        public int ActualBytes {get;set;}
        public int NetworkIDFrom {get;set;}
        public string NetworkNameFrom {get;set;}
        public int MailboxIDFrom {get;set;}
        public string MailboxNameFrom {get;set;}
        public int NetworkIDTo {get;set;}
        public string NetworkNameTo {get;set;}
        public int MailboxIDTo {get;set;}
        public string MailboxNameTo {get;set;}
        public string FileName {get;set;}
        public string MailbagControlID {get;set;}
        public DateTime StatusDate {get;set;}
        public string StatusCode {get;set;}
        public string StatusMessage {get;set;}
        public short LocalStatus {get;set;}
        public DateTime LocalStatusDate {get;set;}
        public ParcelValid Valid {get;set;}
        public string Acknowledgment {get;set;}
        public Direction Direction {get;set;}
        public InterchangeIDInfo[] Interchanges {get;set;}
        public ManifestInfo[] Log {get;set;}

Public Properties

  • ParcelID - Long: The value assigned to track a specific Parcel on ECGrid.
  • ParcelBytes - Integer: The total number of bytes in the Parcel. This includes all interchanges and any X12.56 mailbag segments if present in the Parcel.
  • ParcelDate - DateTime: The date/time the Parcel was uploaded or created on ECGrid (UTC).
  • ActualBytes - Integer: The number of actual bytes.
  • NetworkIDFrom - Integer: The NetworkID where the Parcel originated.
  • NetworkNameFrom - String: The descriptive name of the Network.
  • MailboxIDFrom - Integer: The MailboxID where theParcel originated.
  • MailboxNameFrom - String: The descriptive name of the Mailbox.
  • NetworkIDTo - Integer: The Parcel destination NetworkID.
  • NetworkNameTo - String: The descriptive name of the Network.
  • MailboxIDTo - Integer: The Parcel destination MailboxID.
  • MailboxNameTo - String: The Parcel destination mailbox name.
  • FileName - String: The file name assigned to a Parcel. It will be stored on disk with this name.
  • MailbagControlID - String: The X12.56 Mailbag Number if applied to this Parcel.
  • StatusDate - DateTime: The date/time this status was assigned (UTC).
  • StatusCode - String: The current status code associated with this Parcel. The 'M' prefix refers to the Parcel (Mailbag). The suffix is a Short.
  • StatusMessage - String: The description of the Status Code.
  • LocalStatus - Short: This is a status set by the developer to indicate local disposition of the Parcel. The default is 0. Values 0-31 are reserved for ECGridOS designated common values.
  • LocalStatusDate - DateTime: The date/time for the last Parcel Status on ECGrid (UTC).
  • Valid - Enum ParcelValid: Indicating whether this Parcel was able to be processed completely.
  • Acknowledgment - String: Acknowledgment for this entity.
  • Direction - Enum Direction: Indicating whether this Parcel was posted to an InBox or OutBox.
  • Interchanges - Array Object InterchangeIDInfo: The list of Interchanges within the Parcel.
  • Log - Array Object ManifestInfo: A ManifestInfo object collection of a parcel.

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